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Definition of Disability

As per section 2(i) of the Persons with Disabilities( Equal Opportunities Protection of Rights and Full Participation) Act, 1995, "Disability means"

  1. Blindness - Visually impaired
  2. Low vision
  3. Leprosy Cured
  4. Hearing impairment
  5. Locomotor Disability
  6. Mental Retardation
  7. Mental Illness

As per section 2(t) of the Act, "Persons with Disability" means a person suffering from not less than 40% of any disability as certified by a medical authority.

The National Policy recognises that Persons with Disabilities are an important resource for the country and seeks to create an environment that provides them equal opportunities, protection of their rights and full participation in Society.

The main role of the office of the Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities is to monitor and supervise the implementation of various provisions under the Persons with Disability Act, 1995 and to see that grievances are redressed.

Activities undertaken in accordance with Persons with Disabilities ( Equal Opportunities Protection of Rights and Full Participation) Act, 1995,and in collaboration with all allied Departments.

  1. Prevention and early detection of disabilities
    Since disability in a large number of cases is preventable, early detection and early intervention help in minimizing the impact of Disability.
  2. Issuance of Disability Certificate by Competent Authority (S.R.C. or D.R.C.)
    Disability Certificate is a very important document for Persons with Disability in order to enable them to avail the benefits of all welfare schemes.
  3. Provision of Aids and Appliances to Persons with Disabilities, Provision of land at concessional rates to persons with disabilities
  4. Improving "accessibility" for Persons with Disabilities
    The line department should see that public places, Government buildings and transport are disabled friendly and barrier free environment eg. Amendment of building bye-laws ,construction of Ramps, lifts, modification in existing of construction, concessional travel facilities in state road transport buses for persons with disabilities
  5. Non-discrimination:
    Government transport shall take special measures to adapt their facilities and amenities so as to permit easy access to persons with disabilities.
    All authorities shall within their capacity, provide auditory signals along red lights and crossings, constructions shall be designed so as to enable wheel chair users, engraving on zebra crossing for blind people should be done. Buildings and toilets shall be constructed with ramps and other features.
    No employer shall terminate an employee who acquires a disability during service. No employer shall deny promotion to an employee on grounds of disability.
  6. Social Security:
    The Government shall within their economic limits, undertake rehabilitation of all persons with disabilities and grant financial assistance to N.G.Os undertaking rehabilitation programmes for persons with disabilities, and also give Unemployment allowance to persons with disabilities and also give Unemployment allowance to persons with disabilities registered with the special employment exchange for more than 2 years, and who could not be placed in any gainful occupation. Insurance schemes for benefit of its employees with disabilities shall be framed.
  7. Employment

    No Special Employment Exchange in the State. However, a Physical Handicapped (P.H.) Cell is functioning under Divisional Employment Exchange, Shillong.

    All Employment Exchanges in the State registers and assist Persons with Disabilities Candidates.

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